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The LIVE classes scheduling

I have signed up for LIVE classes but the program has the wrong time zone for me. As a result,for the scheduled class yesterday, I was told it would be held at 7:30am but it was held at 5:30am. And I missed the class. How can this be corrected? I am scheduled for another class tomorrow.


Katherine Weaver

Hi Katherine, The Live classes and the webinar timings displayed in your QS- LEAP account is according to the time zone that you must have selected while browsing through the tutor page. I suggest you log-in to your QS- LEAP account, go to live classes and check the time zone that is being displayed currently on your system. If it is in sync with the time zone that you are following, then you shouldn't be facing this issue. But if the time zone is not the same as what you are following, then you will have to convert the time zone displayed on the account to the time zone that you are following by using google. I hope this helps you. Write back to me if you need any further clarification. Best, Sonam Dubey

I do not know if it is in sync with me time zone. It is 4:00 am where I am. What tiem does that translate for the class to begin. Also can I change the time zone information?