10 TOEFL Exam Tips – Part II -By Kent Kinney

6. Get Used to a QWERTY keyboard :

In the written section you need to key in your response on a keyboard as pictured below, so practice getting used to it and learn the QWERTY keyboard. It is called a QWERTY keyboard because the top row of letters starts from left with the letters QWERTY.

Learning the touch system of typing can also be helpful, and there are two videos below that explain how to learn it.

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Here’s what the TOEFL keyboard looks like.

7. Learn how to write an English Essay 


There are two writing tasks. The last task, and the very last thing you will do on the TOEFL, is type a 300-word essay within 30 minutes.

Learn the traditional form of an English essay

  • When you start practicing this essay, don’t worry about time. Begin by taking as long as necessary to write a good essay.
  • Once you are able to write a good essay, start timing yourself and getting faster at it, until writing a 300-word essay within 30 minutes doesn’t even worry you!

North American writing tends to follow the same form:

  • Introduction – this introduces your essay, and tells the reader your opinion and what you are going to talk about in your essay
  • Body – 2-3 paragraphs that support your opinion
  • One paragraph = one thought; the first sentence of the paragraph explains what the paragraph is about, and the rest of the paragraph uses clear, specific examples to illustrate your opinion
  • Conclusion – a paragraph that summarizes your essay

If you would like to practice on your own, the ETS website has a list of typical independent essay questions.

Here are a few videos that outlines the components of a good essay:

How to Structure Your TOEFL Essay

Inside the TOEFL® Test: Writing Question 2 – TOEFL independent essay

Inside the TOEFL® Test: Writing Question1 -The Integrated Essay

8. Practice, practice, practice.

The key to mastering almost anything is to practice it over and over. In the Cambridge TOEFL Preparation text there is a master disk that allows you practice using a simulated version of the actual IBt test. I suggest buying a copy and practice as much as possible to master the TOEFL test.

9. Learn how to relax! 

  • Don’t try to ‘cram’ the day before the test. Just relax and rest.
  • Get a good night’s sleep

The day of the test:

  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Before you leave your house and on your way to the test, make sure you warm up your brain!

During the test:

There is a 10-minute break between the listening and speaking sections.  If you miss a question or you feel like you didn’t do well in a section. Don’t worry about it.

10. Take the test at least twice, if not more.

Students rarely get the score they need on the first try. Taking the TOEFL can be a quite shock the first time you try it:

I hope these tips will help you succeed as they have for many of my students!


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