7 Free GRE Resources available online you should know about

If you are preparing for your GRE then your aim must be to score somewhere in the range of 160 in Verbal and Quantitative sections, and at least 4.5 on Writing. It will help you get admissions in some of the best colleges as your score will put you in the top 25% of test takers.

You know that’s not a mean feat, but a lot is resting on your GRE score. Hence you are willing to take all the efforts to help you get closer to your goals. But you are going to need a lot more than that. Thankfully there are free online resources that will help you put your best step forward for the all-important test.

GRE Prep courses can cost you substantial amounts. While everyone talks about GRE prep courses, they fail to mention the fact that many of them can be quite expensive. Of course they have their advantages, they are flexible – both online and offline, and prepare you thoroughly for the test. But at the end of the day, they might not suit everyone’s budgets.

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The good news is that there are several smart and modern free GRE resources for test takers that they can make the most out of. The best part is that they are easily available online and completely free as well. Here is the rundown.

List of free GRE Resources available online for your help

1. ETS Powerprep Tests:

The test makers have offered these free online practice tests that give you a fair idea about the content of the test. You will figure out how the calculator works, flag questions and return to them later.

2. ETS Essay topic pools, Argument and Issues:

You can get your hands on the entire pool of tasks provided by ETS from which the essay prompt will be chosen. It means you will find the topic that will be a part of your exam. Practice these essays and you have prepared yourself for the one in the test.

3. LEAP Test Platform

It is the world’s first Social and free test prep platform. You can become a part of the community of applicants and experts, and benefit from social learning, personal prep and a secret society. You can access thousands of questions, notes, videos every day and track your progress.

4. Quizlet

This is the place where you find thousands of flashcards made by students for the GRE. They cover Math, Vocab etc and help you learn from the experiences of other students.

5. Manhattan GRE Practice Test

If you want to test your GRE preparations then you might want to take the reliable practice test. Manhattan GRE Practice Test maintains a high standard and gives you an idea of areas that you need to improve.

6. Magoosh’s GRE Vocabulary Flashcards

Magoosh brings the flashcards experience to your phone. With its apps for iOS and Android, you have it on the go and can practice your sets or they call it, decks, while on a stroll or break. Their levels are split into Common Words, Basic and Advanced with six to seven levels each. Make studies fun with this uber interactive, fun app/site.

7. Khan Academy

You can learn anything, proclaims Khan Academy. This claim is well backed by the extensive resource it provides free of cost. Video, material, test — name it and they have it. Nothing aids memory and cognition as visual tools do and that is why, the ETS site lists them as one of “the” sites to study on.  Also, it is ‘For Free, For Every one, Forever.’

These online resources are completely free and extremely helpful for your GRE prep.

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