All You Need To Know About TOEIC

What is TOEIC?

TOEIC stands for “Test of English for International Communication” . It tests an individual’s proficiency in professional/business English. This standardised test is administered by Educational Testing Services (ETS), the same organization that administers the GRE and TOEFL.

Who should take TOEIC?

Jobseekers: More that 14,000 companies/organisations across the world accept the test to assess their employees’ ability to communicate in business English. It helps them make recruitment and placement decisions. So if you are seeking a job in a global workplace, TOEIC is the test for you!

Students: Over the years there has been a gradual increase in the number of universities in the US accepting TOEIC scores. However, TOEFL continues to remain the most widely accepted English test for universities in UK, US & Australia as well as for students aspiring to study in these countries.

The Report on TOEIC test takers worldwide released by ETS in 2013 states out of the 7 million tests administered that year, 29% of the test takers take the test for a job application, 21% for graduate school application, 31.4% for learning & skill building, 9% to assess a language program and around 10% for a promotion.

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What is the test structure?

The test is available different forms:

  1. TOEIC Listening and Reading Test
  2. TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test
  3. TOEIC Bridge Test

The first test assesses proficiency in English listening & reading skills from beginner to advanced level. It’s a paper-based test.

The second test assesses proficiency in English speaking and writing from beginner to advanced level. It’s an online test, which checks one’s vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, fluency, coherence & overall organization of sentences.

The Bridge Tests assesses proficiency in reading and listening skills from beginner to intermediate level.

How is TOEIC scored?

The TOEIC Reading and Listening tests are scored on a 990 point scale. (495 for reading & 495 for listening).

The score range for each of the tests in the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests is 0-200.

The scores are valid up to two years.

How is TOEIC different from TOEFL?

Other than the obvious differences between the tests (Check info about TOEFL here) like duration of the tests, cost, score range, test structure, here are a few differences based on students’ & tutors’ perceptions

Easier – Business English Difficult – Academic English
Doubles up as a certification for both colleges and workplace Generally preferred to get into graduate schools
Accepted by fewer schools


Accepted by majority of the graduate schools

Where can I get prep resources for TOEIC?

ETS provides a few sample PDFs where you can prepare for the test. We will soon be introducing free test preparation for TOEIC on QS LEAP. Watch this space!

When can you take the test?

There are 12 available test dates in a year in the United States. For rest of the countries, the dates can be confirmed from your Local ETS Preferred Network Office.

What is the cost of TOEIC?

The fees is around $75 for each component of the tests.

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