Average GRE Scores For Different Programs

Mean GRE scores are an extremely useful to guide your preparation towards your target GRE programs and schools. The ETS has released data on the performance of test takers who have taken the exam between August 1, 2011 and June 30, 2014. The average GRE scores for verbal reasoning section is 150, quantitative reasoning is 152 and analytical writing is 3.6.

However, more than the scores listed above, you should be more interested in the average scores of your programs. For instance, the mean GRE score requirement for life sciences programs is 151 for both verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning sections. So, if your intended major is life sciences, you should shoot for a 151+ in both sections.

Thankfully, ETS has also listed the average GRE scores according to the intended graduate major field.

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Draw a list of your target programs when you begin your GRE preparation. You can then begin research about average GRE score requirements through available ETS data, school websites, articles and other resources. Once you have done that, you will have a clearer GRE score goal in front of you.While this table provides a general guideline, the GRE score requirements or average scores will be higher for top graduate programs and universities. So, applicants should keep a watch on their own target programs.

While you do that, don’t get too fixed upon one GRE score. Make sure that you follow the best preparation strategies and the scores will take care of themselves!

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