Consider These Factors While Retaking the GRE

For many GRE test takers, a low score is pretty tough to deal with. Immediately, they plan to retake the GRE again to improve their scores. Retaking the GRE depends on your objectives. If you wish to take the GRE again, keep the following factors in mind:

Work hard:

Maybe the last time around you did not prepare hard enough. Are you prepared to go through the grind again? Prep hard if you wish to take the GRE again.

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Time factor:

You need to make sure that you have enough time before your application deadlines. If the time is too short, you will be better off working on other areas of your application.

Choice of colleges:

See whether you can get admission in one of the colleges of your choice with your existing GRE scores. If not, you may wish to take the GRE again. Think about your college choices before taking the plunge again.

Preparation Strategies:

If your exam day surprised you, chances are that you did not have access to the right prep resources. Make sure that you stick to reputed names and spend enough time working on the different concepts tested in the exam.

Your scores:

If you already have a good score (say in the 90th percentile), you may not want to take the exam again. Since you already have a decent enough score, you would be better off trying to work on other areas of your application. If you still want to take the exam, work on your time management and other strategies since you already have a good grasp of the concepts.

Be realistic:

If you have scored decently enough the first time round, don’t be fooled to think that a second attempt will work in your favour. Take the second attempt only if you were not prepared well enough or faced improper testing conditions.

Think about these factors before you wish to take the GRE again. Sometimes, taking the GRE again may result in a score lesser than the previous attempt. Remember that GRE is just one of the factors among GPA, recommendations and essays. Keep this in mind and put your best foot forward.

Start Preparing.

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