Few highly recommended sites to find free GRE help online

What’s better than a good, comprehensive testing aid website? A good aid website that comes for free.

Tests are expensive. First there are books then there are more resources, then supplies, online fees, test fees, tutorials. Ugh. So, if you are testing, and looking for saving a buck while you are at it, here are a few good places to be at.


  1. QS-LEAP: QS-LEAP is a free test prep platform launched by Quacquarelli Symmonds,  the company that releases prestigious world rankings. QS-LEAP provides 900+ practice questions
  2. ETS Power-prep Tests: The best thing about ETS Powerprep is that this is a dot org site run by the creators of GRE themselves. Once on the site, you can download the compatible format (Windows/Mac) as it suits you and get on with your prep! The software and GUI are great, the material comprehensive and it occupies a tiny 35 MBs on your HDD. Get prepping!
  3. Magoosh’s GRE Vocabulary Flashcards: Magoosh brings the flashcards experience to your phone. With its apps for iOS and Android, you have it on the go and can practice your sets or they call it, decks, while on a stroll or break. Their levels are split into Common Words, Basic and Advanced with six to seven levels each. Make studies fun with this uber interactive, fun app/site.
  4. Khan Academy: You can learn anything, proclaims Khan Academy. This claim is well backed by the extensive resource it provides free of cost. Video, material, test — name it and they have it. Nothing aids memory and cognition as visual tools do and that is why, the ETS site lists them as one of “the” sites to study on. Also, it is ‘For Free, For Every one, Forever.’
  1. Manhattan GRE Practice Test: This site gives you the opportunity to study, analyse and prep for GRE for free. It boats tests are simulated to mimic the GRE test. One outstanding feature is that they explain the mistakes and give you comprehensive feedback to avoid making those. It gives you free tests, interactive community, tools and events. All this, and a not a dime spent.
  2. Quizlet: Quizlet like many other educational aid websites, has moved into the app game. While the site lets you create sets, study groups with friends and has a voice interactive feature, the app has a great feature that lets you create, store and practice with flashcards on the go. While this is essentially free, there are in app purchases and an option to opt for a pro account on the website that unlocks more advanced features.


When you log on to look for a great prep site, save a penny there, folks!

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