Free GRE Practice Tests

GRE practice tests form an important component of any test taker’s arsenal. Practice tests help you get a feel for the actual GRE by simulating the exam environment. Additionally, they can give you great insights about your own abilities as a test taker allowing you to design study plans based on your strengths and weaknesses. Students must aim for 6-8 practice tests before the actual exam.

There are many practice test options available for GRE takers. You do not spend anything to get access to them. While many classes offer paid practice tests which you might want to take, there are free GRE practice tests as well. So, where do you get them?

ETS, the organization which designs the GRE, offer two free GRE tests through its POWERPREP II, Version 2.2 software. We recommend taking both of them. The questions in these practice tests have been previously asked in GRE. Obviously, these tests are very close to the real thing and gaining a good score in them will do wonders to your confidence. With these practice tests, you understand the actual exam time instructions, time management and other important details of GRE. Take one of these tests close to the actual GRE. It is commonly observed that the performance on these tests mirror the actual GRE scores very closely.

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The ETS also offers an official guide to the GRE test. It contains test questions, explanations, strategies, sample essays along with four free GRE practice tests. The official guide is indispensable for GRE takers.

Apart from the ETS resources, there are many apps and reputed websites which offer free GRE practice tests to their users. These practice tests are also good representations of the actual exam. You will find many practice tests lurking around in the crowded alleys of student forums as well.

With many free resources available, there is no reason to not take the GRE practice tests. They are the best step you can take towards a good GRE score.

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