GRE preparation in India

A very interesting thing about common exams is the variation one sees in the method of preparation among the people of different nations. The patterns vary from availability of course material, to temperament, to the challenges they face or for that matter, the resources available to them. For instance, let us look at India.

Challenges: The first challenge that Indians face is the lack of language skills. Somehow, despite the widespread education and stress on English, the Indian populous falls short on the vocal front. Indians are good at mugging, gifted with a tendency to be both intelligent and smart but get blindsided at the language front. Math is smooth sailing, quant is manageable but what really trumps people are sections on current awareness, questions related to music, liberal arts, etc. pose difficulty for the unprepared, under-prepared students from science and commerce background. The analytical sections pose trouble for those coming from the liberal arts’ background.

Resources: While most of the books needed for GRE are available online, the coaching isn’t as systematic as that of United States’ or Europe’s. It might jump ahead in rigour but falls short in innovation.

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While the country is littered with coaching institutes, GRE centres are easily found even in relatively smaller towns. For those who wish to study from home there are options like Magoosh. They provide comprehensive scores and help you achieve the score while not having to step out and go to a coaching centre.

Opportunity: Upon qualifying, GRE opens up a wide range of opportunities. Both national and international companies recruit people with GRE with more ease than when compared to non-GRE holders. The expected pay rises and the expected position offered in the company goes higher- dramatically. Yes, an MBA will get you that job but an MBA from a university accepting GRE scores will weigh heavier when put side by side to a normal CAT based MBA. CAT won’t get you employed overseas but GRE, will. It expands the horizon and almost opens a flurry of opportunities. You get a whole new world at your feet.

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