GRE Preparation Strategies

If you want to do well in the GRE, you will have to spend quality time preparing for the exam. While the exam is only meant to test your readiness for a graduate program, good preparation strategies can land you a seat in the program of your choice.

We give you a list of GRE preparation strategies that will help you get a good score in the exam. So, here goes:

  1. Start early – This is an advice which will be found commonly across preparation strategies for most standardized exams. Starting early will give you enough time to get familiar with the concepts, work on your weaknesses and take enough practice tests under your belt.
  2. Develop a good study program – Whether you take classes or plan to study on your own, make sure that you have a good study program in place. A good study program takes into account your lifestyle, gives you enough time to cover each topic and come back for revision and take practice tests.
  3. Practice Tests – Practice tests are key to success in the GRE. Taking practice tests will help build stamina for the exam and help you become familiar with the question types and difficulty levels. Practice tests also showcases weaknesses and help you identify areas you should really focus upon.
  4. Time management – Like most exams, managing time well is central to success in the GRE. Make sure to manage your time well, even in the practice tests. Give yourself enough time to complete the questions in a particular section.
  5. Improve your vocabulary – Vocabulary is a very important area in the GRE. Employ good learning techniques to master as many words as possible.
  6. Practice essay writing – Since essay is your first section in the exam, make sure you have enough essays under your belt. Starting off your exam well will set the tone for the rest of your exam.
  7. Be optimistic – Stay positive about your GRE preparation. Make sure that you cover your concepts well and take enough practice tests. A focused and disciplined approach will see you combat the GRE with flying colours.

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