GRE Scores for Stanford

Stanford University consistently ranks among the top 2-3 universities in the world. Offering various programs and specializations, getting admission in a program is nothing less than a dream for test takers. Obviously, the better a school is, the more competitive it becomes. Admissions are highly competitive and you need good GRE scores, along with a high GPA, essays, recommendation and experience. In short, you need an awesome application!

Like any other school, Stanford does not specify a minimum cut-off for GRE. It is safe to assume that unless you have an exceptional application, you are not going to walk into this school with an average GRE score. Of course, the requirements vary across different graduate programs. Some may ask you to take only the GRE, some may need additional subject tests or even other exams.

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Unfortunately, Stanford does not come out with explicit GRE numbers for its various programs. If you look at some of the historical average GRE data for various schools, it gives you a good idea of the admissions process. If you want to get into the engineering discipline, the average score requirement is about 165+ on quant and 160 for verbal. If you want to get into the Department of Energy Resources at Stanford School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences, you have to get a high quantitative score.

Required GRE Scores For Stanford

Given below is a table that covers the GRE score requirements at a few of the schools in Stanford. The GRE scores are estimated based on historical data and information available on official websites of these schools/departments.

School/Department/Program GRE Score Requirements
Stanford Graduate School of Business 328-332
Stanford Department of Biology 80th percentile or higher
Stanford Department of Computer Science MS Program – 90th percentile, PhD program – High 90s
Stanford University Electrical Engineering Department 90th percentile or higher in the quantitative section
Stanford Department of Mathematics GRE Mathematics subject score of above 800
Stanford Department of Economics 94th percentile or above in the quantitative section, AWA – 4.5

If your target departments/programs are not on the list, visit the official website and/or get in touch the admission offices at these schools. Most of the departments at Stanford do not divulge information about average GRE score requirements and GRE score data of the current students. You will have to set your target scores based on your own research online and interactions with admission officers, students and alumni. For higher chances of admission, it would be safe to assume that you need to score around 160+ in each section of the GRE.

So, what should you do for admission to Stanford in addition to preparing well for the GRE? Make sure that you gain a wealth of experience during your undergraduate years, be it through internships, jobs or other research opportunities. If you wish to pursue a double major in your preferred stream of study, by all means go for it. Along with a good GRE score, this will give you a good competitive edge in your application for Stanford.

As most of the Stanford Department websites state, GRE scores are just one part of the application process. Your application will be evaluated on your GPA, personal statements, recommendations and TOEFL results (if applicable). Track the department/program you are interested in and align your application accordingly.

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