GRE Scores for Top Universities

Most GRE test takers aspire to get a seat at one of the top universities in the US. While GRE scores is just one of the factors in admissions among other such as GPA, statement of purpose, work experience, a good GRE score definitely puts you in a better position to get that coveted seat. Moreover, a good score is also essential to attain scholarships in the programs of your choice.

Keep in mind that no university advertises minimum scores needed for admission. The GRE score data also varies widely according to the program. There is no way to draw an accurate list of GRE scores for top universities. However, we have compiled a list based on historical data and patterns. See them as a reference guide for a seat in the MS and PhD programs at the top universities in the country.

Here is the list of average GRE scores for top universities in the US:

Universities Verbal Quant
Harvard 162 164
Stanford University 159 158
MIT 158 159
UC Berkeley 156 167
Princeton 163 164
Columbia 154 165
Yale 159 168
NYU 158 160
University of Southern California 154 165
UCLA 154 165

These scores will give you a good idea on how much you need to score in each of the three sections to give yourself a realistic shot at these institutions. Go out there and get it! Start Prepping!

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