An interesting question we often get asked by graduate school applicants is the difference between GRE and LSAT. Both these exams are completely different in nature.

GRE vs LSAT : Similarities & Differences

While both are used for admission to graduate programs, LSAT is exclusively used for admission to law school programs. The GRE opens doors to a host of other programs such as engineering, science, business management and the likes. Without a GRE score, it is extremely difficult to get admission in graduate programs across different fields. GMAT and MCAT are the other two important standardized tests which are used for admissions in business schools and medical schools respectively.

The LSAT tests law school applicants on reading comprehension and reasoning proficiencies. The GRE, on the other hand, test students on analytical writing, quant and verbal proficiencies. The LSAT is more a test of your reasoning skills than your subject knowledge (in math and verbal). The GRE is a mix of two – it tests your reasoning skills as well as subject knowledge.

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The only similarities in the two exams is the reading comprehension and logical reasoning sections. Both the exams offer passages followed by questions based on them. There is some overlap in the logical reasoning section as well.

However, that’s where the similarities end. Quite a lot of the verbal questions on the GRE are based on vocabulary while it is not the case with LSAT. There is absolutely nothing on quant in the LSAT whereas it makes for a significant portion on the GRE. The essays on both the exams are also completely different from each other.

Also, the GRE is a section adaptive test. This means that your performance in the first sections in quant and verbal determines the difficult of the second sections presented to you. The LSAT however, is not a computer adaptive test. Moreover, the GRE is offered throughout the year. LSAT is offered only four times in a year.

Quite obviously, it is exteremly difficult to get a perfect comparison between the two tests. The only thing that can be said for certain is that if you are good at LSAT, you are likely to do well on the GRE verbal section. For the other sections though, it is a completely different story. If you are an LSAT test taker and want to explore options through the GRE, you will have to begin your preparation from scratch.

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