Highly Recommended GRE Mock Tests to Take Before your Real One

Over 675,000 students from over 190 countries take the GRE test each year to get into various renowned master’s programs in the USA, UK and various other parts of the world. With competition getting stiffer, it only makes sense for students to practice as much as possible before the real exam to improve their chances of getting into a university and program of their choice. Online GRE mock tests are best choices to go forward.

Here is a list of some free online GRE mock tests that will help you improve your scores

GRE Mock Tests ETS

The ETS PowerPrep GRE Practice Tests (A++ Rating)

Provided by ETS, the makers of the GRE, the PowerPrep is without doubt one of the best sources of practice you should consider. The questions asked in these tests are from previously appeared real GRE tests, allowing you to work with exactly the type of questions that you can expect on the main day. Furthermore, the user interface is also exactly the same as it will be in your real test, giving you a chance to practice basics such as going through the tutorial section, marking an answer or skipping a question.

Leap is a free test platform where you can make your schedule and prepare in a most efficient way without wasting any effort. Leap also provides tutors who can help you out with any problems that you face while preparing.

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  • CrunchPrep GRE Practice Test

These full length tests too are rather close to the GRE and satisfactorily mimic the real exam. This is a great source for you to consider during your pre-study or when you are looking for a reliable diagnostic test. This is because the questions are of great quality and you also receive a rather detailed analysis at the end of your exam. This will include critical statistics involving performance, skill data, question analysis, time management, weak areas, accuracy, etc. All these factors are rather important for your GRE prep.

  • ManhattanPrep GRE Practice Test

These tests are especially popular among GRE test takers. This test too provides rather detailed analysis of your performance, however it isn’t as detailed as the one offered by the CrunchPrep test. That said, it still gives you a fair insight into where you stand and how you can improve your score. This interface is rather easy, making it an ideal place to start for someone who is giving a mock test for the first time.
Finally, there is also the Kaplan GRE Practice Test that is close to the Manhattan Prep. However, the questions are widely considered to be among the toughest you will encounter. Your scores may be slightly lower than normal, but you needn’t worry about it. This is a great way to practice some more challenging questions for your GRE.

  • Kaplan GRE Practice Test

The Kaplan GRE practice test is one of the most highly rated GRE mock tests out there. This online test will give you a realistic taste of what you can expect on the exam day. Quite similar to Manhattan GRE practice test, you can make this a solid part of your GRE preparation. According to graduate school aspirants who taken this exam, the Kaplan GRE practice test is considered tougher than the actual GRE exam. This means that it will seriously give you the right kind of preparation intensity required for the GRE. Even if you score less on the Kaplan GRE, don’t worry about it. If you have studied hard for the GRE, chances are your GRE scores will be higher than the Kaplan GRE mock score. In addition, Kaplan provides you with Smart Reports which offer personalized recommendations to test takers and helps you utilize your study time. You can choose between a self-proctored GRE practice test and an instructor-proctored GRE practice test.


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