How Can You Prepare Simultaneously For CAT and GRE?

CAT and GRE aspirants are often bothered to know whether they can simultaneously prepare for both these exams. Talk to experts and most of them will say that yes you can. But, it requires a lot of dedication and focus on their respective formats. Syllabus of both overlaps in many parts though you can’t assume it to be same. They differ in terms of intensity of questions being asked and the test format.

Challenges of Preparing Simultaneously For CAT and GRE:

Preparing for two exams at a time is easier said than done. Mainly, you will face difficulty to handle the intensity of knowledge required for particular topics in these tests. You need to have a logical study plan that works for you. In this regard, you can take help from experts and follow your plan religiously.

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The biggest challenge lies in the format of tests. CAT is a linear exam with a standard pattern. But, GRE is an adaptive test where difficulty level of a new section depends on your performance in the previous section.

Who Can Do It?

Anyone preparing hard for either of these tests can prepare to crack both simultaneously. As said earlier, many parts of syllabus overlap in these exams. Hence, if you prepare extensively for CAT, you can do well in GRE as well. Taking both these tests side by side is generally advisable for college students preferably in their third year. If you are a working professional, it can become somewhat intimidating for you to cope with this extra pressure of studying. In this case, you should focus on one test and study some extra topics relevant to the other one.

How to Prepare For CAT and GRE Simultaneously?

Both CAT and GRE are aptitude tests that require spontaneity of mind and ability to understand every question with clear interpretation. If you want to prepare for both, focus on CAT. GRE lays more emphasis on verbal section while CAT has a tougher Quant section. So, you can focus on preparing Quant of CAT and improve your vocabulary and word knowledge simultaneously for GRE. Grasp new words and learn their contextual meanings for better understanding.

Another important topic is essay or Analytical Writing Assessment or AWA section of GRE. You have to prepare for it. But it is easier if you have studied the verbal section extensively.

If you can make certain adjustments in your CAT preparations to learn the nuances of GRE, you can definitely crack both these exams concurrently.

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