How To Apply For GRE Online? Quick Steps To Note

The GRE or the Graduate Record Examinations is conducted by the Educational Testing Services (ETS) and taken by more than 600,000 aspirants every year. Graduate schools including several management institutes today for their Masters’ programs accept your GRE score. Here is a comprehensive guide on applying for GRE online.

GRE Eligibility

The eligibility criteria to take the test are fairly flexible and there is no set age, qualification or timing related requirement. However different colleges might have their own regulations and filters for admissions to various programs.

Importance of timely applications

The GRE is available in Computer delivered and Paper delivered formats across various centers in different parts of the world. While the Computer delivered test can be taken any time of the year, appointments are scheduled on first come, first serve basis. Hence it’s advisable to book for the test ahead of time so that you can take it at a specific center.

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Make your applications online

While you can register for the GRE via mail, if you are reading this, you are probably going to want to register for it online. It’s recommended that you register early for the exam so that there is enough time to process all the paperwork required. There’s a fairly straightforward Online Registration System where you can create your GRE account and book your test date.

It’s also possible to register for online later in the day, but it will cost you $25.

Paper Delivered GRE

Paper Delivered GRE revised General Test and GRE Subject Tests are both offered three times a year, in centers where Computer Delivered tests are not available.

Computer Delivered GRE

The Computer Delivered GRE is mostly conducted by Prometric, however there are certain dates when the test is offered outside the network. This test can be taken once every 21 days up to 5 times within a continuous rolling period of 365 days.

When choosing the date for the exam it’s advised that you give enough time for the scores to be reported before admission deadlines. For computer delivered tests it can take around 10-15 days for the scores to be reported.

You can find out about the test centers, test dates and seat availability for the Computer Delivered GRE. The registration fee for the GRE is $195.

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