How to improve GRE scores?

Did not get the desired GRE scores the first time around? If the answer is yes, then you need to rejig things to improve on your GRE scores. The scores can be definitely improved if you avoid repeating the errors made in the last exam and adopt better preparation strategies.

So, how to improve GRE scores? Here are some tips:

  1. Learn from your mistakes – What went wrong in the earlier attempt? Did you bomb only one particular section in the exam? Then you need to adopt a study plan with more focus on this section. If time management was a problem, you need to spend more time practising under time constraints. When you solve problems, feel free to make mistakes. However, make sure that you do not repeat these mistakes the next time you tackle a similar problem. Learning from your mistakes is extremely important to improve GRE scores.
  2. Change your approach – The earlier approach clearly did not work for you. So, you might want to change up things a bit. Maybe you want to hire a private tutor or opt for different classes. A novel approach might take some of the monotony out and infuse you with newer ideas for the exam.
  3. Refer to different prep material – An extension of the earlier point, change of prep material may also serve you well. Perhaps the earlier prep material did not prime you well for the exam. Some prep materials may also not have quality explanations for certain sections. Visit social forums, speak to people and see if you can do something different.
  4. Adopt the best practices – We have tons of exam-related advice on our website. Social forums are also brimming with great tips on each section of the exam. Go through them and have a strategic approach towards your exam. You may also want to learn and adopt new techniques. While it may seem a little difficult initially, it will benefit your score in the long run.
  5. Practice tests – You probably expected this one here, didn’t you? For any GRE exam, practice tests are a key component. It helps you test concepts that you have learnt and make continuous improvements. Don’t spend time just taking the GRE practice tests. Invest time in analyzing the answers and identify the mistakes. Just like practice problems, learn from your mistakes and avoid making them in the next practice tests. Also, make sure that you take the practice test under strict exam-like conditions. Remember to solve five sections (inclusive of the experimental section). Do not go for extended breaks and keep away all distractions. Simulate an exam-like environment as much as possible. Take 4-6 practice tests before the actual GRE.
  6. Be patient – It takes time to build a foundation for a good GRE score. Don’t be disheartened if you do not see improvements in your first couple of practice test scores. Be patient and keep working hard. If you keep at it, you will definitely achieve a good score on the actual GRE.

Remember that there is no magic formula to improve your GRE scores. Good GRE scores are usually a by-product of a good study plan, smart preparation strategies and loads of practice tests.

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