How Tough Is The GRE? Best Practices

Many students wonder how tough is the GRE? The  answer is not as simple. GRE can be pretty challenging, especially if you have been out of academics for a while. Add to the fact the stiff number of students who take the exam every year, you are easily taking one of the most competitive exams in the word. If you follow the right strategies, however, the GRE is not as hard as it looks at first glance.

Follow these strategies and you will hold your own against the GRE:

1. Use the best methods – The GRE will be hard if you do not employ the best methods to prepare for the exam .There are a number of ways to get started with GRE preparation. You can go for classes, private tutors or self-study. See what works best for you. Utilize the best guide books for preparation. Use the ETS official study guide, along with prep resources from a reputed test company.

2. Devise a good study plan – You simply cannot prepare for an exam of this nature without a good study plan. A good study plan takes into account your own strengths and weaknesses, the time available and the material to be covered.

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3. Plan for math – Math can be difficult especially if you are coming back to it after a hiatus. Start with the basics of arithmetic, algebra and geometry. Solve lots of problems and you will hit your groove in no time.

4. Plan for verbal – Verbal section is a lot about analysis. Pay close attention to the questions and solve a lot of practice questions. Start reading a lot of good magazines and novels to ease into the preparation process. Verbal section can pose a challenge to the most experienced test takers.

5. Plan for writing – The writing section of GRE is not all that tough. All it takes is a little practice. So get into the zone by reading some good essays and writing a few of your own.

6. Practice tests – If you do not take practice tests, the actual GRE will feel really hard. Practice tests are the best way to prepare for the exam. They simulate the exam environment and give you insights into your own preparation. They have to be an integral part of your GRE preparation.

Remember that the GRE is only as hard as you make it out to be. Keep the factors listed above in mind. Scoring well in the GRE is all about hard work and smart preparation.

Start Preparing for GRE.

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