Importance of GRE Practice Tests

If you take a look at the students who have not done well in the GRE, you will find that these were the students who did not take their practice tests very seriously. The importance of GRE practice tests cannot be emphasized enough. While you may spend lots of time solving math problems and memorizing words and their meanings, not including GRE practice tests in your study plan is invitation for trouble.

There are tons of options available for GRE practice tests: both paid and free. We recommend you stick to reputed names for the practice tests. Atleast take 6-8 tests before exam time. This will do your confidence a world of good. Practice tests are an invaluable way to test yourself in an exam scenario, identify your strengths and weaknesses and get detailed analysis of your performance. In fact, we suggest making tweaks to your study plan depending on the feedback by the practice tests.

ETS, the makers of the GRE, offer two free GRE tests. You should definitely take them. The questions in these practice tests are those that have been previously asked in GRE. These tests are very close to the actual exam, and taking them will make you feel much better about taking the GRE. You will also get a hang of the actual instructions, time available and other such important details through the exam. Take one of these tests close to the actual GRE. It is normally seen that your performance on these tests mirror the actual GRE scores very closely.

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You need to plan well on the number of practice tests you wish to take. You may take one after you are half way through in your preparation stage and take more tests closer to the exam. You can keep the last month exclusively for GRE practice tests as well. It all depends on your individual study plan and time available.

GRE practice tests are a crucial part of your exam strategy. If you want to do well in the exam, make sure that you do full justice to these practice tests. Practice till you are perfect!

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