Last Minute Tips for GRE

After months of preparation, the GRE is just a month away. You want to maximize this time to ensure that you get a great score on both the sections. A strategic last month dash may land you at the program of your choice.

We offer you great last minute tips for GRE which will ensure that you gain the most out of your efforts.

Hopefully, by this time, you have been able to go through every concept and revise them atleast once. You should have also taken a couple of practice tests and become familiar with the GRE format. The last month gives you a great opportunity to make your weaknesses your strengths. Take many practice tests and build your endurance in the lead up to the actual test. You can also make use of apps for verbal recalling and going through important math formulae.

Some people think that the quant section is a cakewalk. While it is easy compared to the GMAT, don’t get complacent about it even if you have prepared well. Get into the habit of reading your questions well before attempting. Spend a lot of energy on vocabulary. Try to lap up as many words as possible. Read good magazines such as The Economist, The New Yorker, among others to brace yourself for the passage questions.

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A day before the exam, just don’t think about the exam. Maybe you want to read something light and browse through a couple of difficult concepts. All in all, make sure that you go through the day relaxed and easy. Realize that there is not too much you can do a day before your GRE. Take a chill pill, watch a movie, listen to songs and do whatever you like on this day. Ensure that you eat well and get a good night’s sleep.

Finally, just stay as relaxed as possible. Remember that taking the GRE is not the end of the world. Make sure you have a balanced state of mind on the day of the exam.

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