Overview of GRE Verbal Section: Text Completion

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is a test that is conducted for admission into a Graduate course or a management course, across the world. It is conducted all throughout the year in different test centers. Educational Testing Services (ETS) conduct the GRE, their official website is this: https://www.ets.org/gre.

The GRE is divided into three sections:

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Quantitative Reasoning
  3. Analytical Writing

The test durations is for 3 hours and 45 minutes. The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning each have 2 sections and each section has 20 questions. The Analytical Writing section has two topics that you need to write on. The score range for GRE Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning is 130-170; total score range is 260-340. Analytical Writing section is graded between 0-6.

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The verbal reasoning is further divided into three question types: Reading Comprehension (RC), Text Completion (TC) and Sentence Equivalence (SE).

Text completion questions will have two-three lines text and some important words will be omitted from the text. You are expected to form an understanding out of the incomplete text and fill in the blank with a word that completes the sentence.  There will be five options given and you must choose one answer choice that fits in well to form a meaningful and coherent sentence.

The text may have either one, two or three blanks. When there is one blank you will be given five answer choices. When there are two or three blanks you will be given three answer choices for each blank. You can expect 1-2 single-blank TC, 2-3 double-blank TC, and 1-2 triple-blank TC in each section.

The TC questions tests your ability to interpret, evaluate and reason based on the incomplete information that is presented through the texts. Your skill lies in choosing the most apt word that forms a complete, meaningful, and coherent sentence. 

A typical Text Completion question looks like this:

A new artificial chocolate substitute, is only (i)________ replacement for chocolate because, unlike chocolate, it loses its characteristics at high temperatures, making it (ii)________ for making hot chocolate drinks.

Blank I                            Blank ii

(A) a partial                  (D) ideal

(B) a significant           (E) unsuitable

(C) a potential             (F) versatile

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