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When you begin your GRE preparation, one of the important decisions you will make is selecting your study approach. While some may take classes with reputed companies, other refer to the official ETS prep material and opt for the self-study mode. One great way of preparing for the GRE is through private tutoring. Private tutors are great because they can offer you a lot of personal attention and time.

Before you opt for a private tutor, you need to determine whether you really need one. There are plenty of prep materials available (including free resources). If a student is determined enough, he/she can easily study for the GRE through these materials. There are great prep resources offered by the ETS as well. If you feel that you will not be able to make sense of these test materials on your own, you can then go in for private tutoring.

A private tutor offers great advantages to test takers. First of all, the tutor would provide undivided time to you which can help maximize your preparation time. This time of an environment can never be replicated in a regular prep class. Moreover, he can help devise a study plan for you and focus on the more important things needed for the exam. You can ask the private tutors lots of doubts and have tons of discussions regarding your preparation. A good private tutor also motivates you and keeps you disciplined during your preparation stage.

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Of course, all good things come at a cost. Private tutors are no different. You may need to shell out a lot more money for private classes than for regular prep classes. Add that to the cost of taking the GRE and college applications, and the dollars can pile up. Moreover, there is no real way for a student to ascertain that a tutor is good or whether he/she fits in with your own individual learning style. Going for the wrong tutor is a waste of both time and money. Of course, private tutors are not for you if you like a healthy classroom-like environment. Taking private classes can be quite lonely at times.

So, there you have it. If you are still inclined towards private tutors, go for it. Read our article on ‘Selecting Good GRE Tutors’ before you opt for one. Most tutors will usually offer a free class for students. Take these classes and then decide on one tutor.

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