Required GRE Scores for MIT

If Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of your target universities, be prepared for a tough battle ahead. Students who get admission here are generally the cream of GRE test takers. An admission in MIT will open doors to very rewarding career opportunities. So, buckle up and get ready for a tough GRE fight!

First things first, MIT does not publish minimum GRE scores and GPA numbers. Since the programs at MIT vary widely, the GRE scores for MIT programs also vary widely across various departments. For an engineering program, the emphasis on quant is much higher while a political science program requires a better performance in the verbal section.

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The admissions page of the MIT department of Civil and Environmental Engineering gives some perspective on GRE score requirements. It says,

“Most successful applicants score in the 80th percentile or better in the quantitative and verbal reasoning portions of the GRE. The average score of admitted students on the Analytical Writing section is 4.5/6.0.”

The MIT Department of Economics is not that specific but states that the admissions officers are most interested in applicants with the highest quantitative scores.

Required GRE Scores For MIT

Given below is a table that covers a few of the departments/programs in MIT. The GRE score requirements are estimated based on historical data and information available on official websites of these departments/programs.

Department/School GRE score requirements
MIT Department of Chemical Engineering Quant – 164, Verbal – 161
MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering >80th percentile
MIT Department of Mathematics High Math GRE subject test scores
MIT Sloan School of Management 322-326
MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Verbal – Above 85th percentile, Quantitative – Above 85th percentile, AWA – Above 70th percentile
MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Quantitative – 166, Verbal – 162 and Analytical – 4.5
MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning (PhD program) 308, AWA – 5.0

Of course, GRE scores are just one part of the application process. Your personal statements, GPA, recommendations – all matter during the admission process. Keep a tab on the programs and departments you are interested in. Different departments have varied application requirements such as subject tests, GRE dates and other such factors.If your target departments/programs are not on the list, visit the official website and/or get in touch the admission offices at these schools. Since many of the departments at MIT do not divulge information about average GRE score requirements, you will have to set your target scores based on your own research online and interactions with admission officers, students and alumni. For higher chances of admission, it would be safe to assume that you need a score around the 90th percentile of the quantitative and verbal reasoning sections of GRE.

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