Required GRE Scores for Princeton

Very few schools in the US come close to the quality of graduate programs offered by Princeton University. With an admission rate of around 10%, Princeton University is one of the toughest institutes to crack your way through. Obviously, to get into a program of your choice at Princeton, you need a super-strong application. A good GRE score will help strengthen your application at Princeton.

Of course, similar to other institutes in the US, Princeton does not give out any cut-off numbers. For instance, the Princeton University Department of Chemistry states, “There are no minimum test score requirements for admission. The standardized scores are reviewed as part of the applicant’s portfolio by the faculty review committee.” The Department of Computer Science is a little more forthcoming with its requirement. The website states, “Admission to Princeton is highly competitive, and we expect to see scores of 161 and above on the quantitative section and 4.5/6 on the analytic writing section.”


However, to make things a little easy for our readers, we have prepared a table of GRE score requirements at various departments/programs at Princeton. The requirements are estimated based on historical data and information presented on the various program websites at Princeton.

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Department/Program GRE Score Requirements
Princeton University Department of Computer Science Quantitative section – 161 and above Analytic writing section – 4.5
Princeton University Department of Economics Quantitative and verbal section – 780-800 (Old GRE score)
Princeton University Bendheim Centre for Finance Quantitative section – 167
Princeton School of Engineering and Applied Science Verbal section – 550 Quantitative section – 700
Princeton University Mathematics Department Verbal – 163 Quantitative – 165
Princeton University Department of History Verbal – 163 Quantitative – 152
Department of Geosciences, Princeton University Quantitative – 156, Verbal – 157
Physics Department, Princeton University Quantitative – 168, Verbal – 161
Sociology Department, Princeton University Quantitative – 145, Verbal – 157
Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University Quantitative – 162, Verbal – 158
Department of Politics, Princeton University Quantitative – 160, Verbal – 160


As you will notice from the estimated Princeton University score requirements for GRE from the table above, your score needs to be in the top band of scores. Bear in mind that these are just estimated Princeton GRE score requirements based on available data. Your own GRE score requirements may vary depending upon the strength of your application. Many departments do not publish any minimum GRE test scores. Feel free to get in touch with admission offices at the various Princeton University departments for more information. For a general guideline, aim for a verbal score between 159 and 165 and a quantitative score between 156 and 165 for improving your chances at admission.

While a good GRE score will greatly improve your chances at a top university like Princeton, never neglect other areas of your application. Work equally hard on your personal statements, recommendations, GPA and other components of your application.

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