Required GRE Scores for UCLA

Want to pursue your graduate program or PhD at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)? Well, there are scores of others who harbour the same dream. So, how do you stand out of the crowd? By getting a good GRE score. Simple, isn’t it!

For a top university like UCLA, you need to get a high GRE score. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to fix on a certain target score since the GRE score requirements vary widely across programs.

Just like other leading business schools, UCLA does not specify any minimum GRE score requirements for its programs. For instance, the admissions page of the Computer Science department at UCLA states, “There are no minimum requirements for the GRE; however, the most competitive applicants earn average or above average scores compared to the computer science applicant pool.” But the page provides a useful guideline for students with the information of GRE percentiles for all admits in the class of Fall 2016. For international MS applicants, the verbal GRE score percentile lie in the range of 62-72 percentile, the quantitative percentile between 92-96 and the Analytical writing percentile lies between 36-52.

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However, we at QS LEAP have made things a little easy for you. We have come up with a table which specifies estimated GRE scores for certain programs at UCLA. While these scores may not be absolutely perfect, it gives you a good idea of what the prestigious university expects from its prospective students.

UCLA Programs/Departments

GRE Score Requirements

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Verbal – Above 79%, Quantitative – Above 92%, Analytical Writing – Above 4.0
Electrical Engineering Verbal – 154, Quantitative – 167, Analytical Writing – 3.55
Economics Verbal – 80th percentile, Quantitative – 94th percentile, Analytical Writing – 5.0 or above
Sociology Verbal – 557, Quantitative – 657 (Old GRE scores)
Public Policy Verbal – 160, Quantitative – 151
UCLA (Anderson) 326-330
Mathematics Verbal – 158, Quantitative – 168
Biological Sciences Verbal – 156, Quantitative – 155
History Verbal – 161, Quantiative – 154

Keep in mind that these UCLA GRE requirements listed in the table above are estimated based on information available on the admissions pages, discussions with students and other resources. The actual UCLA GRE score requirements may show a slight deviation from these numbers. Treat this as a useful guideline for the UCLA GRE score requirements for your program.

If you do not find your target programs on this list, get in touch with the admission offices of your preferred programs. Speak to current students, discuss with your peers on our website groups and do your research to learn more about your program. Some programs may need you to take an additional GRE subject test. You need to get a highly competitive GRE score to be really confident of securing admission at an UCLA program. Aim to be around 157-160 in both the sections to crack the UCLA admissions process.

As we always say, do not get so obsessed with the GRE that you forget other areas of your application. Pay equal attention to your GPA, personal statements, recommendations and other areas of your application. An overall strong application will be the deciding factor at UCLA.

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