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Selecting Good GRE Tutors

Selecting Good GRE Tutors

Decided on a private GRE tutor for your exam preparation? Cool. However, there is a small problem. There are many private tutors offered by reputed test companies. How do you zero in on one GRE tutor? Well, every good GRE tutor has certain qualities that you should look out for.

Here are some tips for selecting good GRE tutors:

1. Should have taken the GRE – The best GRE tutors are those who take the exam regularly (or atleast have taken one recently). Do not go for tutors who rely on prep books alone. They should have been on the battlefield and conquered it. Also, check out their GRE scores. A good tutor will usually have good scores.

2. Experience – Of course, you need a teacher who has many years of teaching GRE with him/her. An experienced tutor would have seen all the different changes in GRE over the years and can devise accurate strategies to ace the exam. Experienced teachers are also good at understanding the pulse of individual students and craft study plans for them.

3. Teaching method – A good GRE tutor will always provide you a broad overview of the teaching methods employed for preparation. See whether the tutor’s style works for you. Maybe you want to spend less time on concepts and more on practice problems in the class. A teacher’s style should be flexible and take into account your own individual learning needs.

4. Recommendations – All successful tutors have one thing in common –  They have recommendations to back their claims. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. In fact, even speak a couple of his past clients. You are investing your valuable time and money and need to do your homework.

5. Other details – The devil is in the details, isn’t it? Before signing on the dotted line, know every detail. The number of teaching hours, sessions per week, make-up sessions, teaching location (face-to-face, online) and other such details which will impact your learning experience.

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