Sending in GRE Scores

Sending in GRE scores is an important part of the admission process. But it can be confusing for test takers. In this article, you will get a better understanding of sending in GRE scores.

When you take the GRE, you are entitled to send the GRE scores to four graduate schools or fellowship institutions free of cost. These institutions will not know about the other institutions to which you have sent your GRE scores. If you take the computer-based GRE revised general test, you will have to choose your free score recipients at the test center itself. For the paper version, you will have to select your free score recipients at the time of registration or on the admission ticket correction stub.

In case your choice of institutions are not listed, you can ask the test center administrator to provide you with the form for unlisted institutions. You will have to fill the form at the test center itself. While sending GRE scores, you have the option of sending scores from the current test or all your scores from the last five years. You also have the option of not sending any score at that time.

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You can choose to exercise the ScoreSelect option which gives you more control of your own GRE scores. The ScoreSelect option in GRE gives test takers the flexibility to choose scores they wish to send to schools. You can decide to opt for the feature on the test day or even afterwards for five years.

After the day of the GRE, you can choose to send additional score reports to other recipients. However, you have to a pay a fee of $27 per recipient. Again, you have the option of sending in the most recent score, all scores or any score from your testing history in the last five years.

Your GRE scores are valid for five years after you take the exam. Currently, GRE scores received after July 1, 2010 are available. If your score is on the old GRE scale, your score reports will include verbal and quantitative scores on the 200-800 score scale along with estimated verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning scores on the 130-170 score scale.

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