Should I take GRE for MBA programs?

The MBA admissions space is a constantly evolving one. While GMAT was exclusively used as the sole exam for MBA admissions for many years, many business schools have now started accepting GRE as a viable alternative to the GMAT. In fact, around 70% of the b-schools accept GRE for their admission process. As a prospective business school applicant, you need to figure out which exam works better for you.

The GRE is giving business schools a more diverse student population to choose from. It is providing access to a wider pool of talent who traditionally stayed away from GMAT. It is also attractive since it comes cheaper than the GRE.

“Should I take GRE for MBA programs?” – If that’s a question on your mind, consider the following points:

1. GRE keeps more options open – Some applicants are unable to decide whether they really want to pursue a management program. In such a scenario, taking the GRE is a much better bet. Since the GRE is used for a wide range of options, taking the GRE ensures greater flexibility.

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2. GRE is widely regarded as the easier exam – The widely accepted perception regarding the GRE is that it is easier than the GMAT. It is especially true for the quantitative section. So, if you are weak at mathematics, GRE is your ally.

3. Perception of GRE – A common misconception is that business school applicants who take the GRE are given less preference. Even admission experts are divided on this issue. However, there is no proof that GRE is considered the inferior exam. Schools who accept the GRE will consider a strong application and not give preference to a less deserving student because he has taken the GMAT. While taking the GMAT shows that you are focused towards a management program, a GRE does not reduce your chances of admission. Follow the admission requirements of your target business schools. If they take both the GRE and GMAT, you can take either of them without worry.

Feel free to take the GRE for MBA programs. After all, your test score is just one factor in the admission process. The application is evaluated on a host of other factors such as GPA, essays, personal statements and recommendations.

Here’s a list of average GRE scores for business schools.

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