Should you cancel your GRE Scores?

The ETS allows test takers to cancel their GRE scores if they feel their performance is not up to the mark. This option of cancelling the score is offered at the end of the exam. It is important to note that if you cancel your score, all the section scores will be cancelled. You cannot cancel score for only one section and report the others to the GRE score recipients. Cancelled scores are not added to the permanent record neither are these sent to the schools.

There is one little problem though. You will have to cancel the scores based on your own assessment. Yes, the ETS does not allow you to view your scores before you cancel them. If you decide to view your scores, you cannot cancel your GRE scores. If you decide to cancel your score, nobody knows about them, not even you!

So, should you cancel your GRE Scores? We say absolutely not. An exam of this nature can be quite hard on the test takers. Taking a split second decision of cancelling the test scores in an exhausted mental state is not always the best idea. It is natural to have doubts about some questions after the exam. Cancelling your scores and regretting later is a space no one really wants to be in!

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Since the exam is adaptive in nature, most students are not geared to assess their own performance. A better idea would be to view your scores and retake the exam if necessary. Of course, you also have the flexibility of the ScoreSelect feature where you can choose scores to be sent to schools.

You should cancel your GRE scores only if you were not feeling well on the exam day and performed really poorly on the exam. Another reason could be less than ideal testing conditions which prevented you from doing well in the exam.

In case you cancel your GRE scores but change your mind later, you can get a score reinstated at a small fee of $50. However, it can be done only within 60 days after the test date. For score reinstatement, you have to send in a fax or mail a score reinstatement form along with the fee to ETS. Apart from your personal details, you will also need the test date and registration number to fill the form. The GRE score will be reinstated and sent to score recipients in about two weeks.

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