Staying Motivated for GRE

Most GRE test takers put in months of preparation time for the exam. This time can be a draining and lonely affair. Many students tend to lose focus mid-way through and are never quite able to regain it. Some of you may even be having difficulty mastering a particularly difficult concept or may have received low scores in your GRE practice exams.

However, it is essential to stay motivated for GRE if you want to enter a graduate school of your choice. Know that it is only normal to feel like this after a certain amount of prep time. Fight it out and you will come good on the other side.

Here are some tips to stay motivated for GRE:

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1. Make learning social – Preparing for the GRE can be quite a lonely affair. Why not socialize your prep a little? Our own website has some great study groups where you can learn from your peers and experts. Suddenly the world doesn’t seem lonely again!

2. Rejig your practice material – If you are a retaking the GRE, the older prep material may seem very daunting. Why not ditch the old and do the new? Newer test materials will infuse you with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

3. Change your study routine – While being structured is a good thing, it is good to break the monotony once in a while. So, if you have a scheduled math practice day, maybe you want to throw in a couple of verbal concepts. You may also experiment with a different study location – like a coffee shop, garden or library.

4. Talk to yourself – Tell yourself that you are not alone in this ride. In fact, many GRE students are facing the same situation that you find yourself in. Remind yourself of the ultimate GRE objective – an entry to your dream program.

5. Take a break, you earned it – If nothing else works, it is perfectly fine to take a break. Watch a movie, listen to your favourite band, play a sport – do whatever it takes to get your mind off GRE. Take two days and you will approach GRE prep with a fresher mind.

All the best!

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