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GRE Brain Food: Diet Tips for Top Mental Fitness

Nearly everyone knows that the foods they eat affect how well their bodies function. But many fail to realize that what they eat also has a considerable impact on how well their brains work. Here are some diet tips to help you get into top mental shape for the GRE. The brain is an exceptionally …

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GRE instead of the LSAT for Law School Admission?

The GRE used to be just for graduate school. Then, in 2009, business schools started accepting GRE scores in place of GMAT scores. Now over 1,000 business schools worldwide accept either the GRE or the GMAT, with about 80% of MBA programs reporting no preference between the two. What about law schools? Are there any …

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The Hardest Official GRE Practice Problems

Nearly 1,000 official GRE practice problems are available for the revised exam. Four-hundred of these come with an interesting statistic attached: the percentage of test takers who got the problem right when it was on a real exam. Presumably, the lowest percentage would mark the hardest official practice problem. Two problems are tied for this …

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