Things to Focus on While Preparing for the GRE Psychology Test

The US Department of Labour Statistics estimates a 12% rise in demand for Psychology professionals over the next 10 years. If you wish to leverage this growth and take up Psychology as a profession, consider pursuing a master’s in this particular field. Many renowned programs around the US in other parts of the world expect you to submit your GRE Psychology Subject Test scores along with your application. Here are a few things to consider –

Understanding what GRE Psychology Test is Like

  • The GRE Psychology exam yields two sub-scores over and above your total score.
  • In your exam, you will be asked questions that fall under three content categories where 40% of them are experimental or natural science-based and 43% are social or social science-based. 17% of the questions will be general in nature covering topics in applied psychology, history of psychology, research design, statistics and psychometrics.
  • The exam will be conducted in paper format and takes place three times a year in September, October and April.
  • The test takes about 3 hours to take. You will earn 1 point for every correct answer and for every wrong answer you have a negative marking of 0.25 points.

Preparing for the GRE Psychology Test

  • Work Hard in your Undergraduate Psychology Class

Most questions in your Psychology test are developed from the core knowledge of some of the most common courses offered in undergraduate programs. Having a strong foundation during your college years will work to your benefit when giving this exam. In many cases it may be months or years since you last took these courses. It is thus recommended that you study especially for the test to refresh your memory on some core concepts.

  • Finding the Right Study Resources

It is recommended that you start studying at least 6 weeks before your test date. There are a number of recommended study guides including the Princeton Review and Kaplan that can prove to be valuable sources of study material. The Brainscape GRE Psychology Subject offers over 1200 smart flashcards that allow you to cover each concept covered in the test. It is without doubt also the fastest and most efficient way to start the preparation.

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Finally, make it a point to chart out your test-taking strategies when giving your mock tests under realistic exam conditions. This will help you identify your weak areas and hone your strengths for a better score.

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