Things You Need To Know About GRE Scholarships

First things first, your GRE Score is just one of the factors that’s considered when graduate schools offer admissions to students. It can open the door to the program of your choice at your preferred college, but you will still have to bear the costs that can range between $30,000 and $120,000. Yes, studying in the US, especially at some of the most reputed colleges can be an expensive proposition. But things can be more manageable for some of the 600,000+ candidates, who take the GRE every year. Your score in the exam can make you eligible for the GRE scholarship, which can reduce the financial burden on you to some extent.

GRE Scholarship facts

  • Just like grad school admissions are given based on a combination of various factors and not just GRE score alone, so are the scholarships. They are given to students who have demonstrated outstanding educational efforts and talents.
  • In fact, the numbers of scholarships that are given based on GRE score are very few. Having said that, you have to realize that though your GRE score might not be the only requirement to get a coveted scholarship, it is imperative to the final decision.

GRE Scholarship numbers

  • Going by past record it is observed that if you want to bag a scholarship for your chosen graduate program, then you will have to score at least 165 in the quantitative and verbal part of the GRE. You will also need to get a minimum of 4.5 in writing skills.
  • Top colleges in the country are interested not only in the aggregate GRE score but your individual score in each of the three components. Since you are evaluated on a scale of 800 in each section, a score of 2100 is usually considered good enough to get financial assistance besides admissions to your chosen colleges.

Understand Scholarship criteria

  • There are various scholarships that are available for students and all of them have their own specific requirements. While some of them are available only for legal residents of the US, others might be unique like “First Generation College Student Scholarship”. You can apply for them only if you meet the criteria and then other supplementary qualifications like GRE score will be considered.
  • Research and teaching assistantships might not be scholarships but they are a brilliant way for International students to get financial aid.

Know more about your options regarding scholarships and make the most out of them.

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