Top Five GRE Preparation Mistakes

In order to score high in the GRE, you need to adopt the best preparation strategies. However, it is equally important to avoid making GRE preparation mistakes. A good GRE score can land you a seat at some of the top programs in the world. A single wrong step could be the difference between a good and average program.

Here are the top GRE preparation mistakes:

1. Not getting good study material – Choosing the right study material is key to doing well in the exam. Make sure you only choose reputed names in the market, even if it means shelling out a few extra dollars. The ETS itself offers official test prep materials. You have an official guide, POWERPREP II software and an official GRE mobile app. These are a must have in your arsenal.

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2. Starting late – Many GRE applicants are working professionals who have had a long break from studies. It takes time to get back to the academic groove. If you fall in this cohort, make sure you give yourself adequate preparation time.

3. Skipping the basics – Do not start focusing straight on the difficult material in the study guides. Spend some time revising fundamentals of algebra and geometry before jumping to more advanced problems. The stronger your fundamentals, the easier it will be solve the problems in the exam.

4. Taking quant lightly – It is a common perception that quant is easier on the GRE compared to other exams such as the GMAT. While it may be true, it is also true that lack of preparation hours can hurt your score. Spend time on math and reap the rewards.

5. Verbal is just about vocabulary – Another common misconception is that mastering vocabulary will ensure a good score in the verbal section. Vocabulary is important but do not ignore other areas such as reading comprehension.

6. Inefficient use of practice tests – How often have we written about the importance of GRE practice tests? Practice tests are extremely important to keep measuring your improvements. Make sure you take it strictly under the required time. Keep all distractions at bay. After your practice test, spend time reviewing your answers and work on your weaknesses. The actual GRE has 5 sections including one experimental section. Make sure you take practice tests with 5 sections to build up stamina to handle these sections.

Start Preparing. Attempt a practice test.

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