What is ETS GRE Compendium?

Last year, the ETS released a compendium of studies which is a collection of research that covers various topics such as the reasons for revising the GRE, exam design, studies, scoring patters along with fairness and accessibility issues. Essentially, ETS wants readers to understand that it adheres to strict, professional standards for an exam of this stature.

The ETS GRE compendium is divided in six sections:

  • Development of the GRE revised General Test
  • Creating and maintaining the score scales
  • Test Design and Delivery
  • Understanding automated scoring
  • Validation Evidence
  • Ensuring Fairness and Accessibility

These sections further deep dive into various details about the individual themes. The objective is to provide an overview of the efforts that have gone behind the GRE revised General test. Each section begins with an overview. While educators may want to go through the entire compendium, applicants and parents may only wish to go through themes that interest them. In fact, it is designed for readers to read and print particular sections relevant to them.

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We have gone through sections of the compendium. While it does contain interesting facts, the compendium is a highly technical read. The compendium remains limited to an interested audience and has not been an extremely popular release.

So, should you spend time on the ETS GRE Compendium? There is nothing really hidden inside the compendium which can help your preparation strategies or assist you on the exam day. If you are only interested in getting a good score for your target programs, you can stay away from the compendium. You would rather spend time working on GRE practice problems instead of turning the pages of a large compendium. But if you are a data geek and want to know more about the evolution of GRE, the compendium will be like gold for you.

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