What is the Difference Between Computer and Paper-based GRE?

Many test takers wonder about the perfect format for GRE. While GRE is offered both in computerized and paper versions, the ETS wants more test takers to go for the computerized version of the exam. Generally, the paper-based GRE is only offered at locations where computer-based testing facilities are not available. Very few regions across the world fall in this category.

Computer Vs Paper Based GRE

Obviously, there are differences in the computer and paper-based versions of the GRE. The computer-based GRE is the most commonly taken exam throughout the world. Moreover, computer-based exams are offered throughout the year whereas paper-based exams are available only three times a year.

Obviously, the computer-based GRE is a simpler way of taking the exam. The big advantage is that you get your verbal and quantitative section scores at the test center itself. However, with the paper-based exam, you might have to wait for up to six weeks for the scores.

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Another big difference is that the computer-based GRE is section adaptive in nature. Both verbal and quant have two sections each on the exam. Your performance on the first section of these two subject areas determines the difficult of the second sections. It offers a much better assessment of your capabilities as a test taker and helps you stand out more uniquely.

In case you are not sure about the version offered in your region, you can check here.

If you are not familiar with computer-based standardized tests, you have to work harder towards getting comfortable with the format. ETS offers a great POWERPREP II Software which will acclimatise you with the computer-based GRE.

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