What is the GRE ScoreSelect Option?

The ScoreSelect feature offered in GRE gives test takers the flexibility to choose scores they wish to send to schools. You can decide to opt for the feature on the test day or even afterwards for five years.

If you opt for the ScoreSelect option on test day after viewing your scores, you can choose not to send your scores or choose the following options for your four free score reports:

All – Send your scores from all tests taken in the last five years

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Most recent – Send your scores from the current test

In case you select the option after test day, you can send additional score reports at a small fee. You have the following options for each report:

All – Send your scores from all exams taken in the last five years

Most recent – Send your scores from the most recent test

Any – Send your scores from any test. You can choose to send one or many scores.

However, keep in mind that you can select only by specific test dates. For instance, you cannot choose your quant score from one test date and verbal score from another. If you exercise the option, all the scores from a particular testing session are sent to school.

The schools will see only the scores that you send them. There will be no mention of additional GRE tests in case you have taken them. Moreover, the ScoreSelect feature is available for both GRE revised general test and GRE subject tests. It can be used by any test taker with reportable scores within five years.

The ScoreSelect option aims to reduce the stress of the students on the exam day by allowing them to choose the scores they send to institutions. Think well before using it.

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