What is the total cost of taking the GRE?

If you want to pursue an international graduate program, factoring in the costs involved in the exam are extremely important. It helps you plan your finances more smoothly and avoid unexpected surprises later. You should not only consider the cost of taking the exam. You should keep in mind that you will also be spending your hard-earned dollars on exam preparation, additional score reports and special services if needed.

The cost for taking the GRE is $195. If you register late for the exam (only for paper-based), you will have to pay $25 more. For other special handling requests such as standby testing, rescheduling and change in test center, you will have to pay $50 for each of the services.

GRE preparation can also reduce the load on your wallet by quite a bit. It depends on the route you take. If you depend on the prep resources offered by ETS alone, you will get a free POWERPREP II Software along with an official guide which costs $38. For additional practice questions on verbal and quant along with online writing practice, you will have to pay $20 each. You might have to pay a few additional dollars for shipping as well.

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Of course, self-study will always be cheaper than other options. If you opt for a classroom plan, you might have to cough out upto $3000-$4000. And if private tutoring is your thing, then be prepared to shell out more than $4000.

In addition to this, if you opt for scoring services such as additional score report, you will have to pay $27 per recipient. If you want a question and answer review service for verbal and quantitative sections, you will have to pay $50. The review for analytical writing measure costs $60. The reinstatement fee again is $50.

Now that you know the various costs associated with the GRE, plan your budget for the exam. You may also need to factor in your travelling and accommodation costs. Try not to overshoot the budget and you ride to your dream college will be a smooth one.

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