What is TOEFL?

What is the TOEFL Test?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language or simply TOEFL is the world’s most widely recognized test for English proficiency. Administered by the ETS (the same guys who administer the GRE), the test measures your ability to understand as use English at the university level. The TOEFL tests students on their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Who should take the TOEFL?

If you wish to study in an English speaking country like the US, UK or Australia, you should take the TOEFL. You might also need it for scholarships and visas.

Does my college of choice accept TOEFL Scores?

According to ETS, more than 9000 colleges and institutions in over 130 countries accept the TOEFL. To learn more about who accepts TOEFL Scores, visit here.

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What is the TOEFL test structure?

The TOEFL has two versions – TOEFL iBT Test and TOEFL PBT Test. The former is the internet based test while the latter stands for paper-based test. The test has four sections with specific tasks given in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing and lasts for about four hours.

How is TOEFL scored?

The four sections are scored from 0-30 and the entire test is scored on a range of 0-120. You are also given performance feedback at the end of the exam. There is no passing score on the TOEFL. Institutions accepting their exam usually set their own requirements. The scores are determined through human raters and automated scoring models. You get the TOEFL scores within two weeks of the test.

When can I take the TOEFL?

TOEFL is offered around the world and has more than 50 test dates every year. There is no limit on the number of times you can take the test but you cannot take it more than once in a 12-day period.

Where can I get prep resources for TOEFL?

ETS offers free as well as paid prep material for TOEFL. QS LEAP will soon be introducing free TOEFL preparation.

What is the cost of TOEFL?

Test costs vary according to the country. The standard cost of the test is $190.

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