Why should I take the GRE?

Students who wish to pursue higher studies have tons of options in front of them. Of course, the gateway to many of these programs are standardized exams such as the GRE. We quite often get asked – “Why should I take the GRE?” Nothing wrong in asking this question. After all, before spending so much time, energy and money on one exam, you need to know the purpose of taking it.

GRE is the most widely accepted standardized exam for graduate admissions worldwide. You can use the GRE to get into a program at any location across the world. Not only graduate schools, even business schools have started accepting the GRE scores. The test measures you on quant, verbal and analytical writing abilities. Apart from a key component of the admissions process, schools use GRE scores for scholarships and funding decisions. So, a good GRE score not only improves your chances of admission at your target schools, it also reduces your education debt.

The exam tests the logical and critical thinking abilities of the students and helps schools with one solid benchmark to measure students for future program success. Many critics say that it is not an accurate reflection of applicant abilities. Then again, no standardized exam is really perfect. What matters is that GRE is an important test and a good score can open doors to a great career.

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