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The Amsterdam MBA is a boutique MBA programme with only 25 students in the heart of Amsterdam, a vibrant and multicultural European hub combining long-standing business tradition with entrepreneurial spirit. Having a 96% job placement rate and strong focus on excellence, the Amsterdam MBA is a network- and teamwork-oriented programme with a unique personal touch.

The Amsterdam MBA programme is designed for ambitious professionals and graduates who wish to pursue a career in the international business world. The Amsterdam MBA students are intelligent, daring, motivated and hardworking. They bring rich experiences of day-today professional expertise to the programme, providing a unique opportunity to share and learn. Their dedication and drive in the classroom set them up to become confident, inspiring and passionate leaders of the future.

MBA Curriculum

The curriculum of the Amsterdam MBA consists of four clusters that address key challenges for future leaders in business and society. In addition to having a profound knowledge of general management issues related to an organisation’s strategy and operations, top managers require exceptional leadership skills, a profound understanding of the financial side of their business and an in-depth knowledge of emerging trends that sustainably impact both the economic landscape and the broader society. Therefore, we defined four clusters: (1) Leadership, (2) Strategy & Operations, (3) Finance & Accounting, and (4) Contemporary Management Issues.

The Amsterdam MBA is a unique experience in a vibrant environment preparing you for the challenges and opportunities in international business and strategy.

Partly scholarships are being offered. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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👋 Maak kennis met 6 van onze hoogleraren. Zij gaan met elkaar in gesprek💬 over stedelijke uitdagingen in Amsterdam❌ ❌ ❌ Op 22 juni in Pakhuis de Zwijger. Meer info:…/amsterdamle…/amsterdamlezingen-uva.html ..view more

Looking for a spot to study during the exam period? 📚 💻 The University Library is offering extended opening hours and extra study spaces from 15-27 June! ..view more

What makes the UvA unique? It’s not one thing, but the thousands of individuals who study and work here📚 👫 . Let us introduce you to some of them🙌 . 📷 : by none other than @robin_de_puy ———————— Meet Pleun Aarts, student of Biological Sciences, track: Ecology and Evolution. 'I just completed my first experimental research project, which was about snails in an urban setting. Even though I love nature, I definitely thrive in the city – and this project was a fun way for me to combi... ne the two. Evolution is taking place in the city in a great many ways, among a great many species. My research looked at how the common garden snail has adapted to living in Amsterdam's urban environment. I criss-crossed the city on my bicycle, collecting snails in parks, gardens and in the Amsterdamse Bos landscape park. Then I did an experiment with the snails, in which I used a small paintbrush to startle them. The startle response made them withdraw into their shells, after which I counted how long it took them to re-emerge. This was a way to test how long the snails remained hidden when facing potential danger. By repeating this a few times per day over the course of three days, you can see if there are differences between animals found in and outside the city. It also allows you to see the extent to which the behaviour is an individual characteristic. It may be a bit of anthropomorphism – ascribing human qualities to an animal – but this lets us distinguish whether snails have personalities.’ Want to read more? Check our stories! ..view more

Program Locations

12, Plantage Muidergracht, Amsterdam, NL

12 Plantage Muidergracht Amsterdam
NH 1018 TV

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