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Executive MBA

EAE’s Executive MBA in Barcelona and Madrid is designed to improve and broaden the business and managerial skills of the participating professionals, all of whom hold positions of responsibility in leading companies and organizations.

Throughout the program, participants develop the competences required to lead a business project successfully.

Reasons for taking EAE’s Executive MBA in Barcelona and Madrid:

  • EAE belongs to the Executive MBA Council. By belonging to this association, EAE guarantees that its Executive MBA and Global Executive MBA programs meet international academic and quality standards.
  • International Residential Program in the USA. EAE's Executive MBA offers participants the chance to do a Residential Program at La Verne University (California). This residential program is available at an additional charge to the student.
  • Employment Partner Executive Program. Participants on the Executive MBA receive an advisory and professional selection program given by headhunters, and access to activities such as the Company Day.
  • Accompaniment Coaching Personal Plan. Participants on the Executive MBA have a coach available to guide them personally and professionally through the MBA.
  • Residential Program and Business Plan. The Business Plan developed throughout the master's degree and the weekend Residential Program are two of the essential elements of the Executive MBA.
  • Networking. Through series of meetings with managers from other companies, such as the Business Networking and Coffee & CEO events, participants are able to expand their network of professional contacts.
  • Business Game. The program implements learning by business simulation, under the challenge of understanding strategic planning by practising and performing it in a context of business reality.
  • Case Method. The Case Method is very important on the EMBA, as it systematically improves the decision-making process by discussing cases of real companies.

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Muchas gracias a todos los participantes y a los que nos habéis acompañado vía streaming en la presentación internacional del II Observatorio de la Sostenibilidad en Iberoamérica que ha tenido lugar hoy en Madrid. ¡Ha sido un placer contar con vosotros y vuestras experiencias! https://pic.twitter.com/OM90tzmjUr

Natalia Moreno, Director of Global Institutional Relations at @Telefónica: "El Covid pone de manifiesto la importancia de la sostenibilidad y de escuchar a los grupos de interés: es una oportunidad para fomentar la cultura corporativa sostenible". https://pic.twitter.com/grRdmk1knP

Susana Gato, Directora de Responsabilidad Corporativa en Atresmedia: "Hay que seguir formándose porque lo que aprendimos hace años ya no nos sirve". Mi consejo sería estar muy convencido del rol que tenemos y contar con las Soft skills y capacidad de resiliencia". https://pic.twitter.com/eBLDttbuZ1

Program Locations

Barcelona Campus

c/ Aragón, 55 Barcelona
Catalonia 08015

Madrid Campus

C/ Joaquín Costa, 41 Madrid
Madrid 28002

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