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International MBA

The International MBA has been designed so that participants can enhance and increase their knowledge in business management and administration, work with the main management tools and strengthen their managerial skills and competences. It is a management master’s degree focused on understanding all areas involved in the management of organisations, with a complete overview of the company, the way it functions and how it is organised.

All of this is enriched by the networking opportunities available with the other participating professionals, our teaching staff and the professionals invited to our conferences, discussions and activities, which is crucial for enhancing professional positioning.

Top six reasons for taking EAE’s International MBA:

  • International Residential Program. On completing the tuition period in Barcelona, students have the option of doing a two-week residential placement at Pace University (New York). This residential program is available at an additional charge to the student.
  • International Faculty. Some of the contents of certain courses are taught by lecturers from EAE's partner universities and business schools
  • Sector Conferences. This series is led by top-level business directors, who share their experiences and knowledge
  • Networking. With a series of three annual meetings with executives from various companies, Coffee & CEO, the participants have the opportunity to expand their network of professional contacts.
  • Business Game.The Business Game experience enables students to create and manage their own company, and tests their abilities and knowledge acquired during the first part of the program in a competition between classmates in which they put themselves in the shoes of a real entrepreneur
  • Employment Report. 95% of International MBA students who applied for internships managed to do them.

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Program Locations

Barcelona Campus

c/ Aragón, 55 Barcelona
Catalonia 08015

Madrid Campus

C/ Joaquín Costa, 41 Madrid
Madrid 28002

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