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Nyenrode Business Universiteit is the only independent university in the Netherlands. Located just 20 minutes south of Amsterdam in the grounds of a 13th century castle, Nyenrode was established in 1946 by business for business. The university has a wide portfolio of master and executive-level business programs, and has extensive links with the Dutch and international business communities. Its teaching philosophy is geared towards developing globally minded business leaders and managers, fostering leadership and true entrepreneurial spirit within rigorous and demanding academic programs.

The roots of Nyenrode date back to 1946, when captains of industry from leading Dutch corporations as KLM, Shell, Unilever, Philips and Akzo took the initiative of starting an educational institute for young, talented, internationally oriented students looking to become entrepreneurial managers. The goal was to offer them an intensive business education experience that had no equal, and the for business, by business ethos guaranteed that practical relevance would flow through the veins of the institute. The founding fathers chose Nyenrode Castle, which was built centuries ago alongside the River Vecht to take advantage of the important trade routes on and along the river. Business thinking is therefore not only in every vein, but also in every stone on the estate.

Nyenrode programs combine intensive study with a vibrant campus life. At Nyenrode, full-time students live on campus in our dormitories, which are available in different sizes and with different levels of amenities. Most MBA students prefer to live in the apartment-style accommodations, which are available fully furnished and include their own washroom and small kitchen area. Over the course of the year students share both the lecture hall and leisure time with their classmates, making their year on campus an experience in itself! Students support each other through an intensive study experience, building friendships that will last long after graduation.

While life on campus is lively and as busy as students would like it to be, it is also important that students leave campus from time to time to share in the many other wonderful experiences that The Netherlands has to offer. Nyenrode is located right in the heart of the country, and the excellent public transportation system and close proximity to two major cities, Amsterdam and Utrecht, make these in particular very popular destinations for Saturday explorations, exciting nightlife, or simply dinner out.


Technology sector to drive MBA jobs boom In 2022 says @NyenrodeBU - https://hubs.la/Q011-q3m0

The future of the accountancy sector lays in the hands of accountants themselves find new research from @NyenrodeBU https://hubs.la/Q0115KwF0

High self-esteem can enhance the effectiveness of group auditors, reveals new research from @NyenrodeBU https://hubs.la/Q010YzK10

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