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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) is one of the premier business schools in India. Since its inauguration in 1981 by the then British Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon’able Margaret Thatcher, SPJIMR has grown rapidly and has come to be recognised as one of the top ten B-Schools in the country. The guiding philosophy of SPJIMR is 'Influencing Practice and Promoting Value based Growth.' Acclaimed as one of the finest business schools in the area of ‘Value Based Leadership Development’, SPJIMR has built on its unique strength of imparting high quality management education through pedagogic innovations and a strong connect with businesses. The Institute has strived to recognise the needs of society, especially the under-managed sectors, and has responded with quick and appropriate approaches that help manage immediate societal needs while sensitising students to grassroots realities. With a sprawling campus located in the heart of Mumbai city, SPJIMR remains an autonomous management institute with entrepreneurial agility ensuring self-financing, personal freedom with professional accountability and corporatised culture, structure and processes. Rankings in All Major B-School Surveys: Business World: 3 Business Today: 5 MBAUniverse: 5.

The Institute is placed amongst the top 50 global business schools in the specialisations - Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Strategy as per the Top MBA Business School Rankings by Specialization.


SPJIMR Prof. Dr. @nirja_mattoo's research paper published in the journal, 'The Compass' examines the feasibility of the #NEP2020 and studies how innovative curriculum and pedagogy will ensure sustainable development. https://www.bahaiacademy.org/bahaiacademy/journalmonographview.php?sdfprj=MQ== … #IamSPJIMR #SPJIMR #FacultyInFocus https://pic.twitter.com/0vvGQXwDcP

#SPJIMR's PGDM Class of 2023 participants, Rishabh Chawla, Ravva Subramanyam & Shubhendu Ojas Tewary have won the Global CAPSIM challenge, an international Business Simulation challenge. Globally, 180 teams & 710 participants competed to manage a virtual firm. #IamsPJIMR https://pic.twitter.com/0xolEDxYGW

“If not us, who? If not now, when?” – John F. Kennedy #MondayMotivation #IamSPJIMR #SPJIMR #Mumbai https://pic.twitter.com/lPhXImJtv3

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Munshi Nagar Dadabhai Road Andheri West Mumbai 400058

Mumbai Campus

Munshi Nagar Dadabhai Road Andheri West Mumbai
Maharashtra 400058

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