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30 - 36 years

Fees/Yr ( USD )

40000 - 70000



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AGSM @ UNSW Business School offers high-calibre full-time, part-time and online MBA programs to the best and brightest from across the globe,  in Sydney,  Australia.

Gain a world-class business education at our leafy campus,  just minutes from world famous beaches,  Coogee and Bondi and a short drive from Sydney City's entertainment and restaurant precincts.  

Ranked highly amongst global programs, an AGSM MBA offers  students:

  • a rich and rewarding learning environment
  • extensive peer-to-peer interaction with a diverse cohort 
  • a multitude of opportunities to network with top-tier organisations
  • a comprehensive international exchange program
  • a dedicated Career Development Centre to ensure you can create, and capitalise on career opportunities.

Our programs have a strong reputation amongst employers of MBA graduates,  founded on the excellence of the learning experience and strong industry networks that prepare students for the rigors of senior management. 

With a typical cohort representing a wide range of geographical and professional backgrounds,  the AGSM MBA is a truly diverse, global program. 

If you are at the right stage in your career and ready for a challenge,  contact AGSM Recruitment and Admissions today.

+61 2 9931 9490

[email protected]


“You don’t want to appear cheap, but perceptions of ‘how I value our relationship’, and ‘how I care about your preferences’ will come into play and may make you overspend, even though you’re not particularly close to the recipient." https://www.businessthink.unsw.edu.au/articles/festive-gestures-what-the-gifts-you-give-say-about-you?utm_source=business&utm_medium=social-team

Air pollution might be bad for our health - but it also impacts the economy. Studies have found financial analysts exposed to haze produce less accurate and less timely forecasts. #SydneySmoke https://cards.twitter.com/cards/okrkod/8kh65

Thick layer of smoke on campus today. Please take extra precautions if you have underlying medical and respiratory conditions. https://pic.twitter.com/jAWpvTC1mY

Program Locations

UNSW Australia

AGSM @ UNSW Business School UNSW Australia Sydney
NSW 2052

UNSW Sydney CBD Campus

1 O'Connell St Sydney
NSW 2000

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