Are LSAT Practice Test Scores a Good Predictor of Your Real Exam Score?

The most serious law school applicants take many LSAT practice tests before the actual exam. After all, there is no better way to test your knowledge levels before the actual exam. However, if you scout through some of the social forums available, many of them discuss about ‘LSAT practice test scores vs the actual LSAT scores’.

Are LSAT practice test scores a good predictor of your real exam score?

Yes, if you take the LSAT practice tests just like the actual exam conditions. Actual conditions include taking five sections (including the experimental section), along with the actual time provided for sections. The LSAT gives you 35 minutes for each section with a 15-minute break after section 3. Follow the actual exam guidelines and you will be able to fairly predict your performance on the exam day.

The mantra is: Practice as you will test!

The only thing which seems to bring in variance is the stress that comes with taking the real exam. So if your actual LSAT score is a few points below your average practice test score, blame it on the test day anxiety.

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To counter test day anxiety, it is a good idea to solve a few problems on the exam day before you leave home for the exam. This little warm-up may go a long way in helping you combat the exam day anxiety.

Preparing for LSAT? Attempt free practice tests.

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