Can You Get Into A Good Law School With Low GPA?

Many students think that a low GPA can seriously dent their chances of a good law school. Well, the good news is that they are only partly right. For most law schools, the two most important things are your GPA and LSAT score. Scoring a low GPA does put you at a slight disadvantage because of the stiff competition, especially from applicants in the higher ranked schools.

If you are one of those law school applicants who has scored below 3.5 (generally considered a below-par GPA), you will most likely be trailing behind students in the admission process. For you guys, it is extremely important to focus on other parts of the admission process. If you can make your application stand out, you will still be in with a good shot at your dream law school. It is not unheard of for students with low GPA to make the cut for the top five law schools in the US

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Here’s what you can do to get into a good law school with low GPA:

  1. LSAT it is:

    Yes, LSAT will be your biggest saving grace in such a situation. Whatever maybe the reason for your low GPA, you have to simply overcome that for your LSAT. Begin your preparation early, refer to the best study material, join great resources like QS LEAP online study groups and take many practice tests. Since LSAT is a huge factor in the admissions process, a good score in the exam can probably offset a low GPA. You are not guaranteed admission but in the worst case, at least the admissions committee will take notice of your candidature. And that cannot be a bad thing! A good LSAT score will also help you secure scholarships.

  2. Get the best recommendations:

    Get hold of the best recommenders in town. If you are a working professional, your immediate supervisor can speak volumes about your work. If you are not working, get it done from a professor who has been witness to some of your academic accomplishments.

  3. Work on your application:

    Develop a good resume and personal statement. Highlighting on something interesting in your application may push the admissions committee to sit up and take notice. There is no messing up on this one if you have a low GPA.

  4. Apply high and wide:

    The sad reality is that you indeed have a low GPA. So, you have to put in those extra dollars and apply to many law schools. Apply to a wide range of schools to give yourself the best chance. Apply to a few top ranked schools, a few in the middle range and a few where your numbers are stronger than historical data. This will give you the best chances of admission.

  5. Take additional courses:

    If you want to showcase yourself as an academically inclined individual, a few extra classes won’t hurts! While it may not impact your undergraduate scores, a good score on these courses demonstrates your ability to perform in an academic setting.

So, all is not lost folks. If you have a low GPA, give your best shot on the LSAT and the application. Who knows? You might just walk through the gate of your favourite law school. Buy us a coffee if that happens 🙂

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