Create a Great Law School Resume: Here Are Five Tips

Resumes are an important part of your law school application process. If you submit a well-written resume, you will be one step closer towards your dream law school seat. Moreover, writing a law school resume is in your complete control. You have no excuse in doing a shoddy job of it. Make sure you submit a well-rounded resume which showcases your accomplishments and leaves a great impression.

We share five keys to a great law school resume:

1. Cover all important areas :

Typically, a resume should talk about your education, employment, skills, activities and interest areas. While these are great starting points, you can make your own headings depending on what is important for you. Within these sections, stick to the reverse chronological order.

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2. Focus on education :

Talk about the schools you have attended, along with the degree received, major areas, year studied and GPA. Other things can come much later in the resume.

3. Showcase relevant skills:

Don’t write about half-baked or basic computer skills. Showcase skills such as hardcore programming, foreign languages or big achievements in games.

4. Highlight things that stand out:

 A resume should make you an attractive prospect for law school admissions. Write something that makes you stand out. For instance, if you have were part of an extensive research team in Antarctica, highlight it! Talk about your community service activities, employment experience or other ways which shows exposure to diverse areas. Don’t include irrelevant experiences from your high school days.

5. Other essentials :

All of the information we mentioned above – should be contained in a single page. In most cases, you can fit in your resume easily within one page. Also, make sure you are consistent with the format – date, bullet points, fonts and other such tiny details. You also do not want silly spelling errors or grammatical mistakes creeping up in your resume. Always proof-read once before sending the resume.

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