Elle Woods LSAT Score And What It Tells You

She is an inspiration for many; the fashionistas to law aspirants alike. There’s something about Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods that is not only endearing but quite impressive as well. Just like her LSAT score that went from 143 to 179 in a short span of time.

Now that might seem like a major mystery, but all we can say is that if Elle Woods can do it, so can you. Reese Witherspoon, who played the character in the movie, has herself admitted that she has been inspired by Elle Woods in her personal and professional life.

And here are a few lessons you can take from probably the most talked about LSAT score that is no mean feat.

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Elle puts in the hours, doesn’t get distracted

There are distractions galore and it’s very easy to fall for them, whether they are in the form of a kegger or frat parties. Elle comes across a few of them as she prepares for her LSAT, but does she give in to them? No. She wants to ace the test and she is willing to study for long hours and remain focused. That’s something you can imbibe when you are studying for your LSAT irrespective of what’s going on around you. There will be a time to party; right after your ace your LSAT.

Keep a goal in mind and aim for it

As you know, LSAT is scored between 120 to 180 and the average score for test takers every year is around 150. But you also need to know that to get into top law schools in the country you will have to score above 160. It’s a good idea to keep that as a goal in mind and work towards it. As Elle would say, Goals are necessary, goals are good. Additionally, use a chart paper right in front of the desk wall with the bulls-eye being the score you want to fetch. It often works wonder.

Have the right attitude. Don’t be intimidated

The best part about Elle’s achievement is probably the fact that she was so unassuming about it. The attitude reflected on the all-important test day when she refused to be bogged down by the “moment”. She stayed cool and gave the test her best shot, without being overwhelmed by what the result was going to be like. That’s something many candidates who prepare hard for months before and get undone due to the pressure on the test day, can do well keeping in mind.

Elle Woods LSAT score is definitely possible, and she has herself shown you the way.

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